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Be soulful

The History


Start up

Matteo Cambi & Gian Maria Montacchini start up a small T-shirt and sweatshirt factory in Parma. Its playful and irreverent taste, as for its evocative and ironic name, are the perfect ingredients for success… and Guru is born.


It's GURU mania

Guru Men's T-shirts, in full harmony with its distinctive and characteristic cheeky wit, carry for the first time its simplified – almost childish - daisy symbol, which eventually becomes the undeniable symbol of the brand. 6000 T-shirts sold in 15th days. It's GURU mania on the beaches, in discos, among Sports and TV celebrities .


The collection expands its range

GURU creates an awareness strategy based on its immediate achievements after its word of mouth success. The factory responds well to the rapid growing product demand. The collection expands its range including different clothing articles.


GURU expands in Europe

the success of GURU expands not only in Italy but in Europe also.


GURU GANG is born

GURU GANG is born, the Junior clothing line, following in the steps of GURU'S enormous success.


Team Renault Formula 1

From football stars to racecar drivers: a sponsorship is born between Guru and Team Renault Formula 1.


The team Renault/GURU wins Formula 1 World

Driver Fernando Alonso wins Formula 1 World Title with team Renault/GURU. Images for FW 2005/2006 advertising campaign are taken by Iconic photographer David La Chapelle.
Chapelle's pop style is in perfect combination with the company's technicolor vision.


GURU expands once again

Opening of flagship store Guru in Corso di Porta Ticinese, Milan. Le Cirque du Soleil performs exclusively for the store's opening event. In June, Guru exposes for the first time at Pitti Immagine Uomo. Same year, distribution of the daisy brand reaches new horizons, passing Italian borderlines and reaching out to France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Benelux, Germany, Middle East and Russia too. Once again La Chapelle maestro for its successful FW 2006/2007 campaign.


Expansion strategy in the Asian markets

GURU is bought up by Bombay Rayon Fashion Limited, and starts its expansion strategy entering the Asian markets.


Opening of Guru Mumbai flagship store

September, opening of Guru Mumbai flagship store, on a 160 sq meters surface, designed by renowned Duccio Grassi Architectural firm.


Opening new stores around the world

January, Florence shop opening. In March, first point of sales in China located in Shangai's Gateway Mall. Just the first of its many point of sales and corners that will be opened from then on for the following two years. In April, time for two new Italian openings, Palermo and Bari. Florence - Guru Store



Summer kicks off with GURU - BACK IN TOWN, a series of events spread out through whole Italy. In September, GURU fashion show and a week full of events to celebrate anniversary of the famous Sogo Shanghai Mall. November, the first GURU store re-opening , again in Gateway, this time in a more glamorous location.


Matteo Cambi autobiography

Matteo Cambi signs an agreement with Mondadori Group to release his autobiography, in other word Guru's story to be told.